"Words can not express the joy of new life." -Hermann Hesse

Nasal congestion, sneezing, hiccups are normal in newborn infants. If you feel that your baby is too congested to eat or fall asleep, you may try normal saline nose drops (brand such as Ayr or Little Noses) and a nasal aspirator to gently clear the nasal passages.

Babies can also have a creamy white discharge in the eyes. This is almost always due to tear duct obstruction and is not an eye infection. You may cleanse the eye with a clean soft washcloth with warm water. This discharge gradually disappears over several weeks or months. If the discharge is yellow or stick soon after cleaning the area, please call for an appointment.

Some babies exhibit a rash on their face, neck or back around 2-4 weeks that resembles pimples, referred to as baby acne; it will go away on its own.
You do not need to treat this with any medication..

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