Make bath time play time!


You will need to sponge bathe your baby until their umbilical cord falls off.
This is because it is important to keep the umbilical cord dry at all times. A bath every three days should be sufficient to keep your newborn clean.

Bathing more often than that may dry the skin out too much.
Once the umbilical cord falls off, you may begin infant tub baths. Never leave the infant unattended in the bath. It only takes a second for an infant to drown. Don’t let the water run during the bath. Test the temperature of the bath water on your wrist before bathing to ensure that it is a comfortable temperature for the infant. We recommend using unscented, hypoallergenic cleansers. Remember that your newborn’s temperature gauge is not like that of an adult. You will need to move through the bath quickly
to keep your baby warm. A suggestion is to begin the bath with the trunk and feet
and end with the head and face.

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