“There is no substitute for mother's milk.”
-Martin H. Fischer

Your breast milk is usually in by 3-5 days post delivery. Aim for about 7 to 10 feedings
per 24 hours time frame for about 10 minutes on each breast.
As long as you are getting in at least 7 feedings a day, you do not need to awaken
the baby to feed. However, if the baby is sleeping a great deal and getting fewer than
7 feedings a day, we recommend walking your baby during the daytime hours to
increase the frequency. Remember to start each feeding
with alternate breast. Usually the baby will need to burp between breasts.

While breastfeeding, you may experience abdominal cramping, caused by uterus contractions. These should subside after about one week

The key to successful feedings is short but frequent feedings. It is not unusual for a newborn baby to want to eat every 2 hours for the first few weeks but try to avoid letting your baby feed more often than that. After the first few weeks, the feedings should begin to lengthen to 10-15 minutes and as far as 3-4 hours apart (all babies are different)

We are happy to help you in any way that we can to assist you with your
breastfeeding needs and questions.

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