"Words can not express the joy of new life." -Hermann Hesse

Looking For A Pediatric Specialist
For Your Newborn?

At Summer Pediatrics, we believe in nurturing a cooperative and open relationship with all our patients. We strive to provide the best partnership to you so that we can achieve optimum health for your child. Our extra friendly staff will make sure that you have a great experience every time you visit us.

What makes us the most trusted pediatric specialist for newborns is the fact that our entire team of board-certified pediatricians will interact with you in a way that you are comfortable to ask any question and discuss any sort of issue with them.

Our team at Summer Pediatrics believes that every child is different. This is why we make sure that we suggest a personalized nutrition plan for your child so that their nutrition needs can be met adequately.

Have a look at the general services offered
at Summer Pediatrics

• A routine physical examination which includes physical as well as appropriate testing, screening and lab work.

• Vaccination, treatment, consultation appointments

 • Same day sick appointments

 • Walk-in Hours for children 6 months and older

 • New parenting orientation sessions

 • Healthy habits initiative

 • Personalized nutrition plans

Getting to know your Newborn

Despite the fact that every baby is unique, there are some common traits that are observed in newborns. Let us have a look at some of the major changes that you might observe in your infant.

Weight and length

A healthy baby weighs around six to nine pounds and is between 18 to 21 inches long. However, the baby will lose almost five to ten percent of their birth weight due to the loss of excess fluids that are accumulated by the mother during pregnancy.


Your infant’s true eye color might not be known for several months. Tears are also not produced in the initial months but the baby might suffer from red or swollen eyelids, which is completely normal. Eye-discharge during the initial months is also common.


Skin peeling is completely normal in infants and it requires no treatment including oils and lotions. As your baby’s skin is very thin and delicate it is also normal if you are able to see veins through it. The skin also might be covered with brown hair near the earlobes, back and shoulders which will fall out on its own.

We have always believed in the philosophy of encouraging parents to be independent and self-reliant when it comes to their child’s nutritional needs. We also specialize in providing nutrition counseling needs as a part of our parent-child orientation plan.
We are committed to providing a healthy lifestyle for your infant’s journey towards their adulthood

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