Our family has been blessed with the opportunity to be attended by Dr. Ramirez and her team in Summer Pediatrics. It has been more than eight years already! Dr. Ramirez has seen both our girls grow and become more independent. Dr. Ramirez listens to our concerns and answers all our questions. Her skills, knowledge, passion; and caring and kind personality have gained our and our daughters’ trust and affection. The fact that she and other staff members speak Spanish is a plus because it allows other members of our family, like my Spanish speaking mom, to take our girls to their appointments. Dr. Ramirez is always accountable and she excels in keeping us informed about everything that concerns our daughters’ health and in making sure our girls remain healthy and strong. She responds to our calls whenever we need her and she is also always following up with us after one of our girls has any accidents or unexpected health events. The friendly and collaborative staff members always make us feel welcome and well taken care of. They are the best and they are always walking the extra mile to provide us with the help we need, whether if it is a form that needs to be filled up sooner or accommodating us for urgent appointments. We love Summer Pediatrics in every single way, we feel confident in attesting  their outstanding patient experience and pediatric services!
The Lujan Family

“I feel like my children are taken care of like they are
Dr. Ester’s only patients. The relationship between them is professional and comfortable. The office staff is personable and efficient from beginning to end. It’s the cleanest doctors office I've ever been to. Thank you all.”

“Dr. Ester has been my son’s doctor since he was an infant, now he is 10 and half years old. We love Dr. Ester so much that we followed her when she left the group practice and set out on her own. Dr. Ester is not only a great doctor who is very knowledgeable and professional, she has the best bed side manner. She truly cares about her patients and their families and it makes a world of difference.”
Jen H.

“¡Gracias por cuidar de nuestros hijos! Son 7 años desde que Summer Pediatrics cuida la salud de nuestra familia. Summer Pediatrics se ha encargado que mis hijos estén al día con sus vacunas y que estén saludables. Dr. Ester Ramirez-Cepeda es una excelente doctora con mis hijos. Ella a visto a mis tres hijos; Sebastian, Santiago y Nicholas, crecer. Siempre que tengo alguna duda siempre me da una respuesta. Yo puedo decir que Summer Pediatrics tiene un buen equipo de gente trabajadores que cuida de nuestros hijos.”
Maria R.

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